The World’s Most Incredible Bioluminescent Creatures

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Vampire  squid


Bioluminescent Vampire Suid

Vampiroteuthus Infernus has been around and unchanged since the dinosaurs walked the earth 300 million years ago. Its name technically means “Vampire Squid”, but the vampirotoothus is actually more closely related to the Octopus family.

It differs from both octopus and squid in that it also has spines that run along the inside of the cloak and up to the mouth. It uses bioluminescence as a defense mechanism to confuse potential predators. Instead of squirting ink when threatened, it can discharge sticky mucus of glowing blue orbs.

Fire Flies



Fireflies are the best known example of bioluminescence (living things that glow), and there about 2,000 different species of flying beetle that claim the name. They are found around the world in temperate and tropical climates, and as a result of the varying geographical populations and characteristics, bioluminescence may be distinctive even between species.

Glow in the dark mushrooms

There are over 60 different type of luminescent fungus, most of which are only dimly lit, but some of which are bright enough to read by.  A number of theories regarding why these species actually glow are currently being investigated.  Some think that it may be a warning of toxicity, while other think it might be either a ploy to attract animals that might spreads its reproductive spores, or a security light to illuminate those that might eat them, making the perpetrators visible to their own predators.

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